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The Last Bash

Soothing-yet-raw vocals expertly blended with catchy songwriting — welcome to The Last Bash. With the 2019 release of "London" on their own label and an ever-growing fan base as a result of their celebrated live performances, "IndieTude" was born. IndieTude is a homebrewed niche that fuses indie pop with a rude rock'n'roll attitude! The attitude of a driven generation that consumes itself for love.

Inspired by their musical forefathers of the early 21st century such as the Arctic Monkeys, the Killers and the Strokes, Thomas Schöttle and Max Bantlin founded a new project in 2018. After writing their first demos of passionate, harmonious indie-rock, this project would soon become known as The Last Bash. After the release of their first single "London", the addition of bassist Till Mack and drummer Tobias Schöttmer ensures that the rhythm section will continue to be rock solid. Using the extra time gifted by the Corona crisis wisely, the band decided to arrange and record 10 songs, which will be released as singles on a monthly basis.

It's 2021 and IndieTude is exactly what the doctor ordered!

The Band

Max Bantlin Max Bantlin
Thomas Schöttle Thomas Schöttle
Till Mack Till Mack
Tobias Schöttmer Tobias Schöttmer